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Moratorium Notification

These are unprecedented times and it is a time that we need to be together and help each other to sustain this pandemic.

In line with the RBI guidelines and with an intent to support our customers, Fintree  is offering EMI moratorium facility which can be availed by all customers who have been impacted due to COVID 19.

As your business may have been disrupted due to on-going situation, we understand that maintaining cash flows would be challenging, and therefore, the moratorium option from Fintree may be suitable for you in case you are unable to make the payment as per your repayment schedule. All customers, who are unable to make the due payments, shall be considered under moratorium, unless specifically requested otherwise. However, we strongly urge that if you are in a situation to pay your dues, you must continue to repay your loans.

Please note that offering moratorium facility is at sole discretion of Fintree, and there will be an additional obligation on the borrower to pay interest on the unpaid dues during the moratorium period at the current rate of interest applicable to the respective loans.

Please write to us at for any clarifications.